Trixie Kids Club

Trixie looks after your youngsters

Children love Trixie, the mascotte of our Kids Club. With him they rave, jump, ride, stick, paint, dig, celebrate, disguise, dance, surf, swim, make up, learn, play, play more and play again. The Trixie Kids Club offers a fantastic range of fun filled activities and entertainment to keep them occupied during the whole day.
The large, colourful and well-equipped Trixie Kids Clubs include tailored playgrounds and playrooms, a wide variety of toys, painting and drawing materials, games, musical instruments, and play and sports equipment with the emphasis on beach and lagoon activities such as snorkelling, swimming and beach volleyball.
The kids take more than ever pleasure in these unforgettable experiences and impressions. And Trixie is not alone friendly for your children but is also parents’ best friend.

The service is available in the following hotels.

Rihana Resort****deluxe
Sunny Beach Resort****
Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort****
Sea Beach Resort****
Equinox Beach Resort****
Happy Life Beach Resort****

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