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Explore the Red Sea Riviera
The Magical Egypt
Sliders cable park
Wake park, aqua park, leisure pool, volleyball court, bar & restaurant.
Enjoy an underwater world only a few meters from the sea shore.
Desert safari tour
Hop on a 4x4 or quad runner and set off to explore the impressive desert!
Ocean Diva catamaran sailing boat
Experience the Red Sea on a luxurious catamaran. Snorkel, relax, and party.
Kite surfing
Makani Beach Club and Kite Center is the perfect place to learn and enjoy kiting. Free shuttle bus to reach there daily.
We have diving, snorkeling & dolphin-spotting trips at the Red Sea. Start your diving or snorkeling excursion directly from the beautiful marina, in El Gouna.
Boat Trip
Enjoy various boat trips on the Red Sea. For more information please contact the reception desk.
El Gouna Film Festival
El Gouna Film Festival will be held from 14/10 to 22/10/2021. The mission of El Gouna Film Festival is to showcase a diverse range of films catering to a creative and well-versed audience.
Sandbox Festival
Sandbox Festival will be held from 23/09 to 25/09/2021. It will be a series of events across two different venues as well as smaller ones throughout El Gouna, with all the amazing artists.
Discover the Red Sea
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