Issued June 2019
News from Budapest

The Renewed Three Coners Hotel Art
Something new… Something unique… In the last few months the bed rooms at The Three Corners hotel Art were being totally renovated.
We redesigned our rooms with some new colours, new design furniture, and enhanced latest technology including oversized smart TV’s and an innovative technology system whereby our guests can now also access their room by using their smart phone!
The breakfast restaurant also had a facelift with extended buffet offerings and a new Health Corner featuring freshly squeezed healthy juices or smoothies
If our guests would like to relax after a long day in the buzzing city of Budapest, they can now experience the ZEN room featuring a tailor-made salt wall inside. The new ZEN room provides all beneficial effects which can make a city break even more complete.
You may wonder what exactly a ZEN room is? Our ZEN room is a small relaxing islands in the stunning city of Budapest. This complimentary service was created to make a special space for our guests’ to relax and to let them to focus on their internal balance for the perfect ambiance of their body and soul. You can choose from different activities from yoga exercises to meditation, we provide you the necessary equipment and atmosphere. Please quietly lay back and just take a break in the silence of the Zen room, stop moving, and let go your thoughts. Focus just on your posture and your breathing. Keep your back straight. Let your ego and your unconscious mind melt away, merge with the universe. We truly believe this method will surely clear up all stress of a business meeting or will wash away all tiredness of a long day in the city.
Last but not least, we upgraded the maxi bar to become an honesty bar with wide selection of Hungarian spirits and wines.
The Three Corners Hotel Art is ready to welcome our guest in a refreshed, renovated and upgraded environment.


Renewed Breakfast Room and Complimentary Water bar in Lifestyle Hotel
Our breakfast buffet has been completely refurbished and extended with everything you need to start your day: an abundant breakfast before going out sightseeing or heading for your business meeting. Check out our brand new buffet counter and the Health Corner with daily changing offer of freshly squeezed healthy juices!
We are happy to inform our readers that Lifestyle Hotel is fully prepared for the Summer season: freshly made lemonade, two kinds of flavored water with fruit and vegetable chips are served in our new Water bar in the hotel lobby daily from 12:00 till 18:00. And it’s all free of charge! Grab a glass and enjoy the cooling lemonade with a hint of lemon or mint and a bowl of apple chips.


Hotel Anna has been awarded
We’re pleased to announce that The Three Corners Hotel Anna has been recognized with a 2019 Certificate of Excellence, based on the consistently great reviews the hotel has earned on the world’s largest travel site.

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