Issued September 2018
News from Budapest

The Three Corners Hotel Anna officially recognized as "3 Star Superior" hotel!
Under the patronage of HOTREC, the umbrella organization of the EU Hotel Associations, a jointly developed European Standard for Hotel Classifications known as „The Hotelstars Union” was implemented in Hungary over the last couple of years, providing a harmonised hotel classification with common criteria and quality standards within the EU. The Hotelstars Union enhances the reputation and quality of the hotel industry by creating transparency and quality assurance for the guests.
Hotel Anna has been thoroughly examined by Hotelstars’ inspectors in June in all areas: from the lobby, the reception and the honesty bar, through the breakfast buffet up until the various room and bathroom amenities. They found everything in order and honoured our services and facilities with 3 stars superior classification. The Three Corners Hotel Anna is as of now among the 39 officially rated 3 star superior hotels in Budapest.


The Three Corners Lifestyle Hotel’s first anniversary
We celebrated the hotel’s 1st anniversary with colleagues from various departments and guests as well, with a delicious Esterházy cake that definitely put the cherry on the top of a beautiful day. The last 1 year has been a real adventure from the excitement of welcoming the very first guests, through the challenges of a newly built building till the delicious slice of walnut cake. We have so many good memories from our lovely guests, it would be impossible to choose one.
So let us thank all our dear guests for choosing Lifestyle Hotel for their stay in Budapest and for sharing these fantastic memories with us!


First Birthday of The Three Corners Hotel Anna
Hotel Anna opened its door for on the 8th of September 2017. As a successful year has passed, we celebrated this occasion with this delicious cake which was shared with our guests. We also looked back to the days when the hotel was under construction and shared some funny moments with each other.
Since the opening we welcomed more than 29.000 guests in our hotel and we are looking forward to welcome many more!


Winner of the 30 year Anniversary Quiz redeems prize in Budapest
During the past year, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of The Three Corners Hotels and Resorts. A special calendar full of fun questions was created and launched, and many of our loyal guests participated in the game answering the questions and trying their luck. We were delighted we could welcome one of the winners of the Anniversary Quiz who redeemed their award and stayed 2 complimentary nights at The Three Corners Hotel Bristol.

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