Rihana Inn****


El Gouna, located 25 km north of Hurghada, is a quiet and relaxing village nestled between the majestic red mountains of the Eastern Desert and the pristine waters of the Red Sea.
Interlaced with lagoons, built along 10km of beachline and home to more than 15,000 residents, El Gouna welcomes visitors all year round to enjoy pleasant temperatures and unparalleled lifestyle.
The Three Corners Rihana Inn is built as an extension to Rihana Resort. The buildings, with their typical domes and arches in warm sunset colours, are gathered around a large swimming pool.
The Three Corners Rihana Resort and Rihana Inn are two resorts in one. Guests of The Three Corners Rihana Inn will enjoy the same variety of activities at their disposal as in Rihana Resort.

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