Lifestyle Hotel****


The hotel offers a range of Lifestyle inspired activities to keep your mind and body in good shape during your stay.
More than ever, these times everyone is getting concerned about their health and staying in shape. However, when travelling these things are often forgotten.

Fitness cabin

If you would get an outside feeling while doing your gym routine, you can make use of the fitness cabin in the garden, another unique lifestyle element the hotel offers. Instead of using a fitness centre in a stuffy basement, you can now get a freer feeling and better view while keeping up with your fitness routine.
This fitness cabin is perfect for people who are passionate runners, but the rain is stopping them from making their daily kilometres in the open air. With our fitness cabin, the guest can still get a feeling like they are running outside. While they make use of our treadmill, they can still enjoy the comfort of a roof over their head.
The fitness cabin is free to use for all our guests. Put on your workout wear and make your way to the garden fitness cabin.

In-Room fitness

No more excuses to be lazy and get out of shape during your trip, because we bring the gym to you! Thanks to our new Lifestyle complimentary in-room fitness concept, guests can stay fit and healthy during their stay in our hotel. A perfect solution after indulging a little bit too much in the delicious Hungarian food.
We are the first hotel in Budapest to offer this new, unique lifestyle concept: we provide guests the opportunity to continue their fitness routine, in the privacy of their own room. Guests can select their own preffered fitness device from our brand new equipment, which we will bring to the room. We offer home trainers, elliptical trainers and stair climbing simulators, so do not forget your workout wear!
Turn to the reception to reserve your chosen type of equipment, and start working out!

Infrared sauna

Recharge and relax yourself after a long day of exploring the beautiful city, while your body is benefiting from all the advantages of our infrared sauna. while you are enjoying the light therapy the infrared lights will take care of your body and your health.
Some of the benefits the infrared sauna has for your body are: detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, pain relief, improved circulation and skin purification.
In the end, there is no reason not to try our infrared sauna.

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