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Dive the Red Sea

For diving enthusiasts, Marsa Alam’s diving sites are considered to be a glorious treasure waiting to be discovered, boasting beautiful coral reefs and an abundance of magnificently colored sea life where spinner dolphins and sea turtles swim freely. Abu Dabbab Bay has one of the best sandy beaches in the Marsa Alam region but is deservedly better known as being one of the few places in the world where you can sometimes dive and swim with the endangered dugong “sea cow.” And as if that wasn’t enough, the bay is also hosts to giant sea turtles for whom the shallow waters serve as an invaluable nesting site.
Marsa Alam has also one of the most important dolphin habitats in the Red Sea and in the world. Samadai reef, more commonly known as “Dolphin House,” is home to a large family of around sixty spinner dolphins.

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