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Starting up these Corporate pages, we were aware that we are representing the legacy of the founder of The Three Corners Company, Mr. Frans Lambrecht. His ideas, his strong opinions and his dreams are reflected through these pages.
When Mr. Frans Lambrecht over twenty years ago saw the tremendous touristic potential of The Red Sea area, he had no idea his dream would grow into what it has become today: one of the hospitality industry’s most prestigious chains.
With a Corporate philosophy of supporting the local community and environment, Mr. Frans Lambrecht encouraged the need for improved standards spanning the areas of tourist behaviour, hospitality industry marketing, strategic management in tourism and hospitality, and leisure tourism. A milestone in the company’s development was when he met Mr. Samih Sawiris, CEO and Chairman of Orascom, whose ideas for the development of the area of El Gouna to one of world’s most beautiful getaways, accorded totally with the vision of Mr. Frans Lambrecht. Environmental responsibility is a core philosophy, encompassing every aspect of hotels operation and guest services.
Their working together became the inspirational force that pinpointed The Three Corners Company to further its development.
Currently, several new projects are ongoing and others are at the planning stage. This continuous growth is the result of both, a well-considered management policy and close collaboration with our partners – integral parts of The Three Corners “family” – who are reinvesting the rewards of their considerable investment in time, advice and financial backing. We provide the technology to compete in the global economy and the atmosphere to pamper each of the senses, while making a sincere effort to protect the environment. We are committed to ensuring that our guests experience an effortless and comfortable stay. We achieve this goal by treating our fellow employees, business partners and guests with the same high level of hospitality.

A passion for tourism
Frans Lambrecht, a Belgian textile consultant, who worked by the end of the eighties as top executive in the textile sector in the Middle East, came at least once per month to Hurghada and predicted to his three sons Didier, Christophe and Pascal, that this part of Egypt, in time would develop into a new Spain; a vision that became reality.
The sons could not believe their eyes when they settled in Hurghada, there were only three small hotels and the rest was sand and sea. Their task sounded: “Start your own business!”
Frans Lambrecht – who passed away in 2005 at the age of 65 – could fall back on a very close circle of relations in Egypt to put his sons on track. The brothers rented an empty house, bought a Frigomat ice machine for 7,000 dollars, engaged ten employees in service and they opened in December 1987 the very first ice-cream parlor around the Red Sea.
The success was instant and building on their first positive experience, they rapidly opened a restaurant “Chez Pascal” and a Disco “Cha Cha”, which became very popular. The three businesses were categorized into one company, which referred to the three brothers and it became the company “The Three Corners”.
In 1989, Frans Lambrecht got the idea to go into the hotel business. The Three Corners Village, in Hurghada, started with a capacity of 78 rooms and shortly after the opening, it was extended with 58 extra rooms and then they acquired as well the management of the nearby located Empire Hotel in Hurghada.
In 1999 the Lambrecht family, together with other Belgian investors, bought into the Rihana Resort in El Gouna. Following this growth, in March 2004 the hotel chain was expanded with The Three Corners Ocean View Hotel in the Abu Tig Marina in El Gouna, complemented in 2009 with Sunny Beach Resort in the Hurghada area. The family Lambrecht acquired as well the management of hotels in Sharm El Sheikh and Taba, on the Eastern side of the Red Sea as the 4-star The Three Corners Palmyra Resort in Nabq and the 4-star The Three Corners El Wekala Resort in Taba heights.
Another expansion took place in Marsa Alam with the 5-star The Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort at Marsa Alam and recently with The Three Corners Sea Beach Resort.
As The Three Corners brand continues to grow, the vision is centered on unique club formulas for families and kids: the Trixie Kids Club, the Club 55 and the All Inclusive formulas are the key factors of the success.
Further development is centered on concepts such as Wellness World and even Water World (Aqua Parks), which started in September 2007 in The Three Corners Rihana Resort, followed by Sunny Beach Resort in Hurghada, Palmyra Resort in Sharm El Sheikh and Sea Beach Resort in Marsa Alam.

A meaningful relationship
The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts operate and manage hotels and resorts. From our partners and strategic allies, to every manager and employee at every hotel, we are committed to provide personalized, professional guest service and genuine hospitality at every point of guest contacts at all our hotels, representing more than 2.500 guest rooms.
The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts are a firm believer in the further development of their strong innovative concepts and solutions with which they can differentiate themselves from other hotel chains.
The key to this concept is a big Three:
– unique club formulas for families and kids;
– flexible vacation formulas;
-prime resort, sports and cultural locations.
To achieve its target, The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts engage in a structural co-operation with national and international groups and organizations, across the range of pure management and real estate co-ownership plus management. We are committed to the success of all the properties we manage.
The strategic approach for The Three Corners Hotels and Resorts is to attract individual investors and financial groups by offering them strong, long-lasting relationships and the best return on their investment.
The core values established by the Lambrecht family and their partners have served the company well and will continue to guide the growth into the future. Furthermore, of these core values is the enduring belief that our associates are our most important assets. We do whatever it takes to provide our associates with the ultimate opportunities, and our customers with superior service.
“The Three Corners Way” is built on fundamental ideals of service to customers, owners, associates and the local community.

The Power of Development
The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts will take the opportunity to attack as well new markets by showing initiative as being flexible in strategic planning. The enlargement of the touristic industry has created new opportunities for the hotel and travel industry as there is a high demand for quality accommodation. Hotel branding is expected to grow across all categories.

A Professional and Dedicated Workforce
“The right person in the right place” is the basic rule of The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts. As the company is experiencing considerable growth, the Human Resources department is constantly on the lookout for qualified, motivated individuals to join the team.
Once identified, we give our managers space to develop their own ideas within a framework laid down by the company. All employees are encouraged to offer their views and suggestions, in keeping the wish to take care for a team spirit within the whole workforce. Success is a Teamwork achievement.
The three key elements we bear in mind when recruiting, are:
Our employees are trained in all disciplines and familiarized with our vision. We stress the importance of the hotel’s performance and help establish the supervisory skills and product quality knowledge needed to lead the different operations to success.
Team Spirit
Our highly trained and motivated employees work together with a clear mandate: the provision of service of a consistently high quality. All our employees are given the chance to realize their own potential within a correctly aligned and clean company vision.
Family Concept
Our employees think and act as “one big family” and this philosophy forms the basis of the company’s investment in personal development. After all, a great hotel is the reflection of its people.

Partners in the Field
The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts are growing rapidly. We already have a strong position around the Red Sea and will expand the activities in the resort business as well as in the field of city hotels. Apart from Egypt The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts plan to expand in promising regions.
As a private company, The Three Comers has traditionally relied on private investments which have benefited as the company’s growth has produced corresponding profit.
Now, in addition to this loyal and generous investors group, The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts seek to achieve accelerated growth by the identification of strategic partnerships.
The Three Comers Hotels & Resorts are very interested in discussing partnership arrangements with organizations that are keen to invest in – and to profit from – such growth.
These strategic partnerships fall into two categories:
– Financial investors
Management has brought together many major institutional investors, world renowned operators and owners, requiring acquisition, planning, analysis and sales expertise. The irresistible power that ensures agreed targets are reached and in most cases surpassed.
– Development
Partnership with a specialist constructor of hotels, with whom The Three Corners can offer a design, build and operate strategy. The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts will assess the potential for the site, looking at future uses and an indication of its all important final value.

Getting the message around
From the very beginning The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts have been a leader in innovation: the company is ready for the dramatic changes continuously sweeping the industry and is a stronghold in extensive sales and marketing leadership, cutting-edge technology, data networking, e-commerce communications and redesigned reservation centers.
– Brand marketing and advertising
The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts consist of specialists in marketing and strategic planning.
We reach guests not only due to the successful international and regional campaigns we also focus on public relations, consumer direct mails and sales promotions and intermediary marketing programs.
– Loyalty rewards for everyone
The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts favours a successful loyalty program. Our Silver and Gold Club members are provided with many unique benefits going from free dinners to room upgrade awards. Moreover, the recognition and upgrades for our members are valid in all our hotels and resorts creating an irresistible lure for The Three Corners enthusiasts.
– Powerful partners
Renowned tour operators and travel agencies located in all European countries are the driving force behind The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts. These are the teams who bring the customers to us. We always aim to provide the best range of products coupled with a strategic marketing policy … and it shows in our consistently high occupancy figures and financial results.
– Creative reservations
The Internet has become an increasingly useful method for guests to book rooms, as well as to gather information about our hotels. The Three Corners Hotels & Resorts have, for the convenience of their guests, developed an own reservation system available on a 24-hour, 7-days basis. Bookings can also be made through a Call Center during business hours.
Tour operators and travel agents can book through the CRS and GDS systems.

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