Issued June 2016
News from our resorts in Egypt

Watch our videos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Remember, your holidays are a precious time. These are the days that will live long in your memory.

We have put together some pictures of our resorts in short videos so that you can surf on memory lane. Also, the videos can be very useful if you want to peep into the resorts you eventual plan to visit.

Visit You Tube and make your choice:
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An exceptional party

Whether you plan a family gathering, a business meeting, a celebration or your wedding party, we have the perfect venue for your organization.

A formal meeting room or a designed outdoor location? A cocktail or a dinner? A band, a DJ and a party? You specify your needs; we make it happen.

Our selected hotels are all ideally located to offer you the perfect set up and background décor: Rihana Resort****deluxe, Rihana Inn****, Ocean View**** prestige, Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort****.



Our condolences

We want to express our sincere condolences for the passing of Mr. Reda Mikhael Aziz. Mr. Reda was working with The Three Corners since the start and was responsible for the decoration and laundry department.

As his fellow workers put it: “Skilful hands led by a skilled mind, crowning an unsurpassed craftsmanship to honest service and loyalty to the Three Corners.”

Thank you, Reda

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